Money Orders
Money orders are the same as cash. They must be purchased in person because the purchaser must sign the money order. This form of payment is used to assure the receiving party that funds are available; however, a stop-payment may be placed on it. There is a nominal fee for a money order request.

Six Flag St. Louis Tickets

Click the link below for single day & season pass ticket prices

Members can now login to UNITED EQUITY CREDIT UNION Six Flags site to buy tickets on-line.
Special Ticket Link: https://shop.accesso.com/clients/sixflags/affiliate/index.php?m=11468
Password: SixFlags8
(Password is Numeric & Case Sensitive)


Wire transfers
If you need to transfer funds between UECU and another institution, either because a large amount is involved or due to an emergency, we can help through the use of the Federal Reserve Wire System.There is a fee involved for wires. Contact our office for details.

ACH Origination
To set up automatic debits or credits from an account at another institution to an UECU account, Contact our office for details.

Direct Deposit
You may have government checks, payroll checks, or other funds deposited directly to your account(s) through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Contact our office for details.

Payroll Deduction
Payroll deduction may be directed as a deposit to any account and/or payments to loans. The total of your UECU deduction will be listed on your pay stub as one amount, before your net deposit is calculated.


Courtesy Pay
Courtesy Pay covers an overdraft (Drafts/checks, Debit Card transactions, and/or ACH transactions) by allowing the member’s draft/checking account to reflect a negative balance. The fee to the member is tiered, based on the number of overdrafts year to date, which is reflected on our current fee schedule.  Courtesy Pay differs from an NSF in that the transaction is paid and not returned, saving embarrassment and any additional fees from the merchant.

The Courtesy Pay Program is available to members in good standing with Share Draft/Checking accounts who sign up for this program. The credit union will pay up to $500, including fees, if you should inadvertently overdraft your account.  This service allows members to overdraft their accounts up to $500, and can be revoked by the credit union when warranted.

An account which has been overdrawn continuously for 50 days will be closed for cause, unless satisfactory arrangements have been made and approved by management.

Overdraft Protection (optional)
In the event of an overdraft on a member’s draft/checking account, funds will be transferred from the members share account in increments of $25 to cover the overdraft items. There is a $3.00 fee for this transfer.

Member Referral Program
Do you remember that YOUR credit union has a “full family membership” policy? Any relative by blood or marriage of a member is eligible to join UECU. Now refer a member to YOUR credit union and receive a reward. A $25 reward will be deposited to the current members account once the new member is active , in good standing, and has completed one of the following( within 60 days):

  • Opened a Share Draft/Checking account
  • Applied and approved for a loan with automatic payments
  • Applied and approved for a UECU VISA credit card.
  • Opened a Christmas Club account
  • Invested in a $1000 minimum Share Certificate
  • Set up a Money Market Share Draft (checking) account

Please contact either office for Member Referral Form.

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